Drums please!!!!!

Hi, Can reloop Mixon 4 controll the drum machine (the so called looper) in the djay- app? If not, can u buy an external console to control the drums in looper section of the app?! Best, Henrik

You could use the built in midi editor to modify some of the performance pads to control the Looper. On my Prime 4, I changed the Loop Roll pads on both decks to control the top 2 rows of the Looper. Midi mapping is super easy in DJay and I’m sure there are some good youtube videos to guide you through it.

Alternatively you could get something like a DJ Techtools Midi Fighter 64 to have full independent control of the Looper. I also have one these and it works great. You just need a spare USB port on your computer (or a hub) so you can have the two midi controllers connected at the same time. DJay on iOS and MacOS handles multiple midi controller with no problems.