Dry/Wet for FX DESPERATELY needed!

Any chance we could add a slider or dial to control how strong the effects hit the song? I love using the FX but they are so powerful…it’s a little embarrassing, lol. Thanks!

Is there a way to control the wet/dry level of the effects for the XY (kaos) pad style effects? This would make the Numark iDj Pro absolutely perfect. It just seems the effects come on so heavy, no matter where you tap. I know you can control it with the effects button and knob but it would be great to at least be able to preset how strong the effects come on, when using the pads. It is not so much of a gripe, I have been Djing for over 15 years and this has made Djing fun again. I would love the added control though.

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Wet/Dry For x Y Kaos Padish FX..

This was added with the “manual FX” tool in djay 2 on iOS and djay Pro on Mac.

First of all - thank you (Algoriddim) for making this djay app, Its very useful, and i starts a lot of parties on the ‘fly’!
I’m just wondering why you haven’t a dry/wet control? When I use echo or some of the effects it is TOTAL on or off. I can’t sneak it in - and it always comes so rough in - that’s a shame when you have SO many opportunities in the app…
I also think it is unlucky that the buttons are so small - I don’t care that much about seeing the vinyl spin (unless I scratch) so why don’t make the view in effects bigger?
In the end - please let me lock the key - every time I load a new track I need to push the key lock…

Contact me if you want ideas for makeing it blend in!

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Dyr/wet control, lock key, bigger buttons.

YEP! And it’s an awesome feature. After I saw this added, I IMMEDIATELY bought all of the FX packages.

Kudos to you, djay and algoriddim. I am a HUGE fan and use it at EVERY single gig.