Dual Decks Control on 2016 MacBook Pro's Touchbar

I tested latest version of Algoriddim Djay Pro for 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar integration.

I find the implementation very good. The only issue I see is that you can only control the deck that is currently on air.

However, in most use cases, I see myself using the touch bar to compensate the lack of deck controls on my setup (examples: mixer only setup, no mixer setup, or setup without jogs/touch strip).

And in those cases, most of the time you need to prepare deck B while deck A is airing.

Ability to access to both of the decks simultaneously or via a deck selection button would make the Touchbar implementation 1000% more useful than it is currently and will allow one to go to a gig with just an AMX, a Z1 or a CMD-MM1 for example and still have all the necessary deck control features usually required by DJs.

Maybe a good paradigm would be to create a notion of Touchbar layouts (single deck with A/B selector, double deck and double deck with crossfader controls).