Duplicate Phantom Artist Entries in DJay Pro from newly cleaned up/synced iTunes library

In Cleaned up my i-tunes Library on MAC and consolidated artist entrees like
(The Who vs Who) or Olivia Newton-John vs Olivia Newton John)

I have resynced my iPad with Mac All the songs themselves seem to now have the corrected artist. My problem is when I sort by Artist I have two identical listings of the now corrected artists. Each one shows all the same songs for that artist.

So “The Who” and Olivia Newton-John" have duplicate but spelled correct.

I do not see this over on the iTunes side. MAC or iPad Pro I am not saying that there is not something there causing it but it does not show up in the iTunes app on either device.

I have tried restarting the DJay app and going into Spotify and then back to iTunes to get it to read fresh library. Even restarted iTunes. Nope still have duplicate artist entries. It is like Djay Pro is holding on to some old data or is confused somehow.