Duplicating playlists

Hi, I have recently purchased the Numark Idjay pro with djay 2 software, I am having some problems with duplicating playlists, when I sync my ipad to my desk top that has my iTunes on it I get double ups of playlists, eg my 80s playlists will say 80s1and my 90s will say 90s1, this seems to happen when I add a new song to my iTunes play list and then do a sync to my ipad, so I try and delete the double playlist but it returns when I do a sync, this is causing me a lot of grief … also I cant seem to delete the double up playlists on my Ipad, can anyone help please.

Hi Dean,

this sounds more like an iPad/iOS problem.
Which iOS version are you using on your iPad.

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Lukas E.