Duvida Phase DJ HID mode

I have this setup: Mac book M1 2021MacOs Sonoma, DJay PRO 5.2, Numark Scratch, PHASE DJ, DDJXP2 (I missed the native mapping for it) it works very well except for the fact that with PHASE DJ, in HID mode, (no I tested it via RCA cable) it desynchronizes the beats even with the same BPM on the decks, sometimes I have to leave 2 or 3 beats different from one deck to the other (I’ve changed a lot of settings, I’ve recalibrated the remotes several times and I couldn’t solve it ) I think it takes a while to correct the BPM’s when you change the pitch (compared to SERATO PRO), but I’m happy.

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Hi @clbiondo, thanks for sharing the details about your setup and the issue. To help us understand the issue more clearly and to properly troubleshoot this with you, can you please try to capture a video of it, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!

Ok, as soon as possible I will upload a video of the problem.

Hi @clbiondo, I’m following up on this one from over a week ago.

Follow the video link, note that even with the same RPM, the grids go out of sync, I put the grids in sync and they go out of sync again, and the turntables are in reset pitch, when I try to correct the pitch, Djay pro takes time to understand that I changed the pitch, and if I change it a little, I don’t even correct it, I have to change it a lot and then return it so it finds itself again.

Hi @clbiondo, thanks for the video. This is very helpful. In your example the BPM of the Deck A is 124.9 and Deck B is 124.8. I see that SYNC is not enabled so it makes sense to me that these two songs are drifting apart slightly as they are not at the exact same BPM. Am I missing something here?

  1. Can you please enable, then disable SYNC on both decks so the BPMs are set exactly the same and see if the 2 songs continue to drift apart?
  2. Do you know if these two songs have a constant BPM or if there is a slight fluctuation in the BPM (for example, songs with a live drummer with often have slight BPM fluctuations).
  3. Can you please also expand the BPM menu, open the Edit BPM tab and share screenshots for both songs to see if the BPM is set to Straight or Dynamic? Thanks!

Okay, this weekend I’ll watch this.
The strange thing is that if I correct the pitch it still goes out of sync.
But I’ll look into it more calmly and get back here. Thanks!

You’re welcome @clbiondo. Sounds good.