DVS and Sync Issues

i am new to Djay. coming over from Traktor.
really like to automatic beatgriding and Synch Feature at DJAy. I am just testing the DVS Feature… with Traktor Vinyl didn’t worked, but with rekordbox vinyl…
now to my Issue. when DVS is in the settings inactive… the Synch between tracks is perfect…
when I activate DVS - the Synch is not working anymore… I understand with vinyl beat adjust by myself, its how I learned. but also in intern mode, the synch is not working anymore…
anyone the same issues?


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i have noticed the same issue.
@Algoriddim is there any chance to fix it?

Hi @Alexanderexpander,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Please note that djay supports standard time code DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz (which the vast majority of DVS systems nowadays do).

Could you please record a video capturing this sync issue and attach it to this thread? If the video is too big (i.e., over 50MB), please upload your video file to a cloud storage service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, or to your own YouTube account, and share a link to your video.

Having a clear view of the issue will go a long way towards investigating and finding a solution!

finaly i made a video, too show my synch issues… here is a you tube link…Djay DVS Synch issues - YouTube