DVS old hardware back to life

The driver for the audio 8 dj is only supported to 10.11


The SL4 is supported until 10.14, so without a driver update it won’t have continued support.


The Traktor 6/10 Audio interfaces do not mention Catalina support specifically.

Only the control panel tool mentions Catalina support.

However, the SL3 is claimed to have Catalina support.


I’m sure SL3 is supported on Catalina.

Yes, I did this on my High Sierra build when I was fixing an issue with my 62 drivers previously.

I tested on my Serato SL2 and it works BUT with a huge latency/delay and I can’t find how to change that (I think this setting is automatic). So it works but it doesn’t lol

My SL1 I didn’t change any settings other than Calibrating for DVS.

Hi @DJ_Meego,

Just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of our community for sharing your hardware findings.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

Thank you guys for such great software👍🏼

Traktor 6 & 10 are class compliant, so they work. I use a 10 on an iPhone and on a Mac Mini running Big Sur, works perfectly, including the Control Panel App