DVS old hardware back to life

So this is amazing I have sl1 box and m-audio connectiv (torq) box to my surprise it just worked, plug and play, great work🙂


I hope other people put their happy surprises up on this thread.
I guess that makes this list the beginning of stuff that’s “class compliant”

Yes I hope so too, as this is great news, the hardware didn’t come cheap, so djay really did a good job.

Your SL1 box just worked? On what platform? iOS? Mac? W10?

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:point_up:Topic says macOS. :slight_smile:

You’re “that guy” :wink:.

I see it now, MacOS at the top.

No idea what you mean but happy to help regardless of which guy that makes me. :blush:

I’m using MBP 2012 13’ with Mac Os Catalina

I have a Final Scratch 1 & 2 interface. It would be an interesting test.

Please try it out ‘cause apparently djay just like virtual Dj works with any sound card that supports DVS, unless of course your hardware drivers are not supported by your operating system so far I had no issues with mine on MacOS Catalina.

I posted this thread in the Rane forum as well so people can be aware.

I was going to to pick up an Audio 8 DJ as well, I didn’t bother yet because of limited options.

I think I’m going to get one now, Native Instruments - Traktor Scratch Pro - Tutorial - Audio 8 DJ - Connecting the Mixer Segments - YouTube

Also was looking at an SL4 kit

Shoot just made me think!

Anyone have a 57SL to test with?

This could start a whole ‘Unofficially Supported’ movement.

Try them all out or whatever interface anyone has, then let us know. Thanks in advance.

My old Numark N4 is also supported, DVS works.

I won’t be too surprised if more hardware -especially stuff that’s considered ancient- works than people expect. Remember - they USED to build this stuff to be fully compliant with the USB spec so it wasn’t going to be a problem; now they save money by not ensuring compliance to force you to buy the stuff that is at a premium and call it “Pro”

Look how old is the M-Audio Conectiv and it’s working, so everyone should try out what they have and if there’s issues it will be that hardware is maybe not supported by operating however there are ways to make it work in some cases as long as the hardware is detected it should work.

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I also forgot to mention that Pro/AI actually enhances the crossfader, so if you are a scratch Dj maybe you know this already, but I discovered this in DJay Pro 2 that my Numark N4 cuts really good and it’s nowhere near Pro Scratch Mixers. This is for guys using controllers.:+1:

I have the audio 8 and it doesn’t work with the new M1 chip. Just be aware of that.

this is corroboration to what I said earlier about companies doing it correctly before, and perhaps not so well lately. Thank you!