DVS Support for CD's and Line inputs.

For context, I have the DVS Vinyls and love them. My setup is 2x SL-1200MK7 + Pioneer S7 Mixer. Everything works great in this config. My Vinyl kit is mostly for home use, when I have another kit for parties that has 2x Technics SLDZ-1200 CD Players and S7 Mixer. I used to use Tractor CD’s but would love to have DVS support as well.

Now to my point: Since DVS only exists on Vinyl, I sampled the Vinyl and burned an Audio CD to be able to use my SLDZ’s. This kind of works, but DVS mode on DJay is hardcoded to use the Phono input on the mixer and my SLDZ’s are using Line. I made a reverse RIAA filter to route Line through the Phono input. It kind of works, but the gain is super sensitive and it’s not as great as the Vinyl.

Proposed feature to Algoriddim: Allow selecting Line input for DVS Timecode. (should be an easy fix). As a bonus, it would be great if you offered DVS on CD’s and/or as a downloadable WAV file for non Vinyl use.

Thanks for the suggestion @Djonsson. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.

Hi, is there any possibility to get the Timecode as a wav file. I have already asked the support team, but no answer yet.
I was think about the same topic. I have two CDJs 2000 nexus and a DJM 900 nexus, but using them with an iPhone does not work very well. I can map a few MIDIs, but scratching at a playing song is not really in sync. I was wondering, if it wouldn’t work to load a Timecode File into CDJs and using the iPhone to manage the reset. This has the benefit of using all feature of DJay Pro and also the normal club feeling.

They were unable to provide it so I ended up sampling my Vinyl and made my own. Here’s a dropbox link, hopefully I won’t get blocked for sharing this. @admin, please remove if not allowed.

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Hi Djonsson, thank you very much. It works really well with the file and the CDJ for the jogwheel scratching on my iPhone. But I see, why this is maybe not officially supported. Unfortunately the 2000NXS and also the 900NXS are not class compliant, so I had to use an additional audio interface (my has only two inputs and because the DVS needs stereo I could only use one Player). In the end it might be to complicate for a normal setup (with iPhone). Especially compared to a setup with a Mac where I can use the Pioneers without any timecode and directly in HID mode. Maybe I have to give up the idea of using the iPhone instead of computer.

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