Dvs (thru) mode option

Hi all,

I’m sorry to say that we do not have an update regarding this topic, however, we will be sharing this with our dev team once more for continued review.

We thank you all for your eagerness and support as we work towards updating djay with features that benefit the app in every conceivable way.

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Thanks Nathaniel. I take from this that it’s not currently a priority. No idea how difficult this is to realise from a development perspective, but appreciate there is a balance to be struck between requests and commercial return. Looks like I might need to upgrade to a Reloop Flux if I want this functionality.

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Not sure what your setup and your end goal is, but if you have a mixer that’s already compatible the flux won’t provide anything different than switching between the usb and line/phono switch as far as I know. I think people (myself included) want the thru option to also utilize the effects in djay pro with vinyl or CDs like you can on DJ player pro.

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Yeah I get that. I use a rotary mixer at home and whatever old pioneer shit the venues have, so need a dvs box. I also play open format, often back to back with other DJs, so my preference is to avoid additional cable splits and just hit a button to play analogue vinyl. I can do this in Serato.

It’s great to be able to turn up with a small vinyl selection plus an iPad for additional tunes, but no thru mode is a pain.

Software effects on the vinyl input doesn’t bother me as much, but nice to have.

I agree, I’m also looking for this function. I switched from traktor to djay pro for many reasons and I think this function is very important for a professional djay, especially for turntablists and scratch lovers

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Any updates on this? Would be great to be able use algoriddim effects with vinyl. Especially since hardware effects are become less and less common except on higher end mixers/controllers.


This feature would still be useful. Thanks

Hello everyone, just want to keep this topic alive!
No message since last November, nobody interested anymore?
Someone has found a tech workaround?
The feature is actually available but I’ve missed the announcement?

Best regards and thanks

put direct thr pls :star_struck:

I stopped using Algoriddim as my main for dvs since this feature wasn’t implemented.


If you use a hybrid mixer (mixer is the audio interface), just change the input source from digital to analogue.

If you use an all digital mixer, you can use an RCA stereo splitter signal cable and use the input selector to switch back and forth. Remember to ground, Native Instruments has this cable with ground wire.

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Yo, it’s straight up disappointing that djay, a top-tier subscription service known for its quality, still ain’t got that thru mode option for vinyl. Like, for real, Serato and Traktor been rocking it for ages.

It’s about time djay steps up its game and hooks up its loyal subscribers with this essential feature. Two years since this proposal and still no word on adding it? Come on now!

So, here’s the deal: we need that thru mode, pronto.

.First off, prioritize it in your development roadmap.

.Second, gather feedback from the community to understand their needs and expectations. Or just get a cue from Serato and Traktor!

.Third, allocate resources and manpower to make it happen.

.And lastly, keep us UPDATED on the progress.

We’re counting on you to make this a reality, so let’s hustle and get it done! The community’s been waiting, so devs, it’s on you to make it go down. Let’s make it happen, fam.

Thanks for the additional feedback @Lester_Rene. I have passed this onto the dev team. In the meantime, please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page so we can keep track of user demand for this request. Thanks!