Dvs (thru) mode option

As you all know, other dj platforms traktor/serato/rekordbox etc… allows us to play regular vinyl (thru mode) while we are in dvs, there’s an option between relative/absolute/thru so that let us to be able alternate between real vinyl and digital (dvs)
I’ve bought a pro license and tested with my iPhone 13 pro max, app installed, everything connected (denon ds1,usb camera adapter,40w charger) and it worked! After all configured and dvs calibrated I must say, it was great! I’ve tested maybe around an hour and exceeded my expectations. The only problem I’ve noticed is the fact that (as mentioned above) not possible to alternate between dvs and regular vinyl, it seems to have not thru mode option. This option it would make a huge difference to me since I’m a mostly real vinyl fan.
Please Algoriddim, can you guys give an attention tho this?


Hi @Filipe_Rodrigues,

Thanks for reaching out about adding a thru mode option that would allow for playing real vinyls as well with djay. This request has been passed along to our Dev Team, and we’ll keep this thread updated with any news.

In addition, if other users also feel this feature would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community.

Thanks for your support!



My use case is one portable deck and a Photon Fader, which is MIDI-only, so I need to use the internal mixer for analog vinyl.

This is possible in DJ Player Pro which has thru support, but I prefer djay in every other aspect and would love to not have to renew my DJPP subscription in a few months when it’s up. This is the one killer feature preventing me being able to move entirely to djay.

Would be awesome if you guys could add it!


Just a note, this suggestion has a duplicate here: thru mode like serato


Yes I agree! This feature will make lots of real DJs in the business cross over! DJs will really take DJay much more seriously!!

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FWIW I posted this on an iOS/Mac djay user’s group a couple days ago and it got a positive response from around a dozen users that might not have forum accounts to upvote. The consensus seems to be that it would be an important step towards feature parity with other DVS systems, and would remove another significant impediment to making djay their primary DJ app.

Another idea I just had which would be amazing is an “auto-detect DVS” mode. So an additional setting that, if enabled, automatically detects if it’s a control vinyl being played and if so sets the deck to either relative/absolute, and if it’s regular vinyl disables the waveform and sets the deck to thru mode. Internal/DVS could still be togglable with a MIDI controller like it is now.

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it would be useful for those who use sound cards therefore not mixer with integrated sound card and without button for the switch, to add a “THRU” mode as on serato dj to be able to range from real vinyl records to timecodes during the set. i used a denon ds1

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Hi @Cristian_Listo,

That’s very interesting!

I’ll be sure to pass this along to our dev team for further consideration.

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Someone has created a duplicate suggestion for this here which has more views:

I upvoted and commented on that one. You should do the same and cite your use case so that we can get this feature prioritised.


I am another user who would like this feature please on all versions of the software because at the moment for me, DVS is secondary to playing original vinyl. Thank you.


Bumping this feature request as well