DVS Tone from coded vinyl

Can someone help? I haven’t used my DVS setup for ages and just tried and all i can hear is the “tone” from the coded vinyl.

I have mixon8 with rp8000m2, a mac with latest djpro.

I must have changed a setting by mistake but i cant find it anywhere. Any ideas?

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Thanks for the video @DJ-Z!

Hi @DJ_STUB, you might also want to check out these FAQ articles related to DVS:

  1. https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/5840787888402-How-do-I-calibrate-turntables-for-DVS-in-djay-Pro-for-Mac
  2. DVS
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Thank you ! With the video and the FAQ i managed to sort it.

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Excellent! You’re welcome. Thanks for the follow up.

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