DVS with Rekordbox control vinyl - works?

Im waiting for my Traktor audio 6 to arrive so I can try DVS with DJay Pro and I’m hoping someone can confirm if this is going to work, or if I’m going to need to buy algoriddim’s own control vinyl.

I’ve heard reports that it works with Serato, but nothing on Rekordbox specifically. There was also a forum post a while back reporting an issue with lag on tempo changes with Serato which I dont know if this was resolved, or if there are likely to be other subtle issues with other control vinyl.


Hi @mhollers,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

To answer your question, if the Rekordbox DVS vinyl outputs a 1khz control tone, then it should in theory be compatible with djay!

Please refer to the FAQ I will link below for additional information regarding this matter!

Got my Traktor audio 6 interface hooked up to iPad ok, but no signal being seen in Djay DVS settings under calibrate.

Would love someone to confirm rekordbox control vinyl format, but it looks like it’s not compatible?

Did you ever manage to get that Traktor Audio 6 working? I know it’s class compliant, so it should work.
I have a chance to get myself a Traktor Audio 6 myself, so really eager to know if it works before I get it.

thanks for the nudge, yes it did work in the end

Thanks for your reply!