Dynamic Queues A potential work around/compromise to Spotify non live issue that would likely make both Spotify makers and Djay users happy

I completely get the whole sandbox issue with Spotify as it pertains to having an offline library and needing to be connected to the internet. My idea would not violate that. Nor would it be illegal.

What if DJay made the queue list dynamic instead of static. This means they treat songs moved into queue like they are when they are loaded onto decks? This also means that the queue list goes away if the session ends. So you may want to turn your queue lists into playlists if you need them beyond the current session.

This would still preserve the notion that I cannot have an offline Spotify library but it would treat songs in queue just like they are loaded on a deck and part of my current session (which they are). If I end my session those songs are not available unless I hook up to the internet again and either load them to a deck or put them back in the queue.

Making the queue list dynamic seems that it would be the perfect compromise.


great workaround, this is the solution.

Well said. If they can have four songs loaded on decks that do not go away when lost connection they should be able to have x number of songs loaded in a dynamic queue. As long as you do not shutdown DJay they should survive an internet outage. This could all be done without Spotify because you are not downloading the song it is only around for your session just like song loaded on a deck that survives. Serato and Pulse Locker are tempting to me to but I have a ton invested in cue points etc and familiarity with DJay that would make it really hard to change. But many feel the same pain. What do you say Lukas? can you get us an answer on this possible work around?

Please upvote this idea to give it higher priority.

Any traction on the idea. Since I can already load 4 songs from spotify onto my 4 decks and take them with me as long as I do not terminate the app. Why not allow me to make a “playlist” of spotify songs that must be loaded while internet connection exists and a valid spotify account. They will stay around until the app is quit.

i too have mixon4 and ipad - a cool setup - spoiled a little by no offlne spotify capability - dynamic queues sound promising !

Great idea! Fingers crossed that they can make this happen

Hey there,

thank you for your detailed explanation of your idea.
Sounds interesting and I opened an issue in our tracking system.
But I can not guarantee that this is going to get implemented, I simply dont know.

Nevertheless it would be great if other users share their thoughts and push the topic.

All the best,

Lukas E.

SO last night I had a gig. The guests all flooded the wifi. There was no access to the router and I had no QOS options. My mobile hotspot was not getting a signal in DJ booth. I was so screwed because tracks just stopped loading. Studdering and had a full blown stop in music, I had a library of local stuff to fall back on, but this was a 21 bday party that came up last minutes and I didn’t have time to purchase and download new the latest songs these kids wanted. thankfully our youth has a decent appreciation for old school reggae. a feature like this could have really saved my night. tracks were loading but really slow. if I could have pre-queued the tracks and let them download while the other tracks were playing this could have been avoided. Spotify integration is useless to me frUnfortuantly it looks like I am going to have to go to Serato and pulse locker and this really upsets me because I am in love with DJ Pro and my Ipad. I was just purchased the Reloop mixon 4 and have really gotten comfortable with the setup I prefer it over Serato … I don’t want to use Serato and a laptop.
please please please do something to so I can come back to DJ pro and my iPad.

Great workaround !

Wouöd be a great idea!!!

Agreed! Was thinking the same thing…seems to hit all angles as a perfect compromise!

After some initial problems with djay pro on windows (I still can’t get it working under creators update) I now have the system working the way I desire however the Spotify intergration is superb until you take it on the road with no internet access so after reading all the post I have to push for 2 things and hope algoriiddim take note.
SPOTIFY OFF LINE IS THE ONLY OPTION if this software is really going to move forward or PULSELOCKER INTERGRATION
Serato is calling me back and I have resisted so far even after the initial problems I had with djay pro but getting to the music is what really matters and to this end the software is failing. It has all the bells & whistles standards that are extra on other software but getting your music out there is what’s it’s really falling down on. The powers that be need to sort this asap not another discussion as some of these demands have been going back months if not years ALGORIDDIM listen to your consumers or you won’t have many left

Any updates @Lukas on this

Such a smart and seemingly legal idea!! It would truly push DJ Pro forward!!!