Each new update causing more intermittent video issues.

It would be super cool to not ruin my set tomorrow because the application is sputtering with videos more and more. All indications after checking my GPU usage at 57% of usage and minimal temperature output points to the software. There is a growing disconnect with the applications ability to stably run video. My guess is in the fact I don’t want to update my OS due to many other applications functioning very well. Is there any way to backtrack my software for Djay Pro AI to when it just worked well with my OS (Monterey)? Any help to uninstall your app and reinstall three versions back would be ideal.

It’s as if there is no graphics buffer. I’ve got 12GB of RAM available on memory. Settings are set to allow my Radeon Pro 560 4 GB full access. Just sucks that it was fully functional without fail before updates.

If I pause the track the video comes back in but then sputters away to black after 5-10 seconds. The graphic overlay for the primary output via the app stays active to my video walls. Just not the track’s video output.

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Same here… Mine hasnt worked for a week now… Just because i updated… Im asking for the older version and im not getting answers… I suggest to never update if its working fine… And for future updates… Djay pro team should be aware that not all updates will work… Hense they should allow for roll back incase an update is not working as expected… What am i supposed to do now… Move to serato? My Collection cannot even be exported…:rage::rage::rage: