Easiest way to beat-mix and use sync?

Hi guys,

Can someone please tell me what the easiest and most simple way is to use the sync feature and beat-mix?

I do not have any controllers, keyboard only.

Ideally I would like to pre-cue at the same time.

Much appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure if I understand your question correctly. You just need to click on SYNC to sync up the tracks. If the beat grids are not aligned correctly (= “out of phase”) then you just have to press the SYNC button again.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts 2 and 9 to sync the left or right deck.

You need additional hardware in order to be able to pre-cue. You can use pretty much any USB headset for this purpose, but I recommend purchasing a multi-channel USB sound card.

You can press sync button anytime you like, though if the song is being analyzed, I’d wait until this is finished.

Yes, the Apogee ONE should also work for pre-cueing.

Well let’s just say I drop one track onto turntable 1 and another on turntable 2.

Do I immediately press the sync button on the top left/right?

Also I couldn’t get keboard shortcuts 2 and 9 to work for the sync.

I have the Apogee ONE audio interface…would that work for pre-cue?

Friendly bump :slight_smile:

Hi Warren, I wonder why pressing the sync button does not result in a perfect beat sync with the other track. Other free apps like Cross DJ do it perfectly. Most of the times I need to press the button more than once.

by the way I’m using iDJ Pro