echo filters stuck

echo filter for left deck seems like it is stuck. There are no markings or dots on the tracks indicating any filters are on, however the left deck is virtually unusable as the sound is very muffled, and echoey. Any one have any feedback?

I had the same fault tonight

Layest DJay for mac and reloop mixon …sounded like shit … I checked all cables then pressed instant effect and it all cleared … not great for my gig tonight

Yes just a one time problem … i cant reproduce it either

Hey Craig,

that does not sound good at all. Can you tell us which djay version and which device you are using for djay?

Cheers,Lukas E.

You can see the djay version by scrolling down in the settings.
Also please send us the iOS version you are using, you can find it in the general tab of the iPad settings.

Cheers,Lukas E.


sorry to hear that. I am having a hard time to reproduce the issue, was this a one time incident so far?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I see, DJ STUB had this problem in combination with the Reloop Mixon, Craig Tanimine, are you using a controller as well.

Lukas E.

Hello Lukas,

How do I tell which version? I am using an iPad Air 2 and a vestax algoriddim controller.

Seems like it being stuck like this is

Is there a way to clear/erase the controller? I basically only use if for scratching and can’t even do that now. Pretty bummed out

Yes the vestax algoriddim controller