Echo knobs/ effect knob on s7 still not working properly

The know when custom mid mapped doesnt work all the time… I have to press flagger for it to work again… :pray: Help

Does it work with the built-in mapping?

If so I’d recommend do re-apply your customizations on top of the built-in mapping an see if that makes everything work correctly.

If that doesn’t help can you please provide more details about what and how exactly it is not working correctly.

I tried its not working… Let me explain

Im using s7 with the iphone

I have decided to mid map the software effects on the mixer… Shift+flanger = midi 1 buttons

So i set instant effect 1 on echo… Effect 2 on backspin …all the way to effect 4… Which i assign the s7 lock knob…

It works at first but when i press echo or midi 1 instant effect 1… And returt to the lock … It doesnt work… If i use the lock to set other parameters it doesn’t work too… I tried to set tha sampler same thing happens… So locks cannot be midi mapped without failing… For it to function again… I have to press flanger… When i return to it … It works… If i press echo it fails… Or the second button backspin or any other button reverb vinyl break phaser… All cause it to fail … Only flanger makes it work again… Its hard to know if its the software or the pioneer mixer itself…