Echo not timed and fade out not smooth

Not sure if anyone else has this issue. When selecting the basic echo effect, the timing is off, as though not accounting for the Bpm. I manually rotate to the left which is usually a default setting on ios. Also, once the track stops playing, the echo fades out very badly. It repeats the first few instances and drastically drops even when adjusting the wet/dry setting. Very disappointed with these details on the Windows version.

If using echo while Automix is transitioning using the “Morph” feature,
If Both songs are far apart in BPMs, the echo will use Bpm before the start of the transition. Therefore being off towards the end of the transition.
Try this:
1st song, 120BPM
2nd song, 125BPM,
Have “Morph” on turn on “Echo” while transitioning.

This may not be Gary’s issue, but is an issue nevertheless.

Thank you for your reply Lukas. I must say, i’ve been using Djay 2 and Djay PRO for years on iOS and was truly disappointed as the Echo effect and the difference in Windows. This effect is a go-to for me and is dissuading me from use on Windows. Hopefully an update and fix can be done. It would certainly make me very grateful.

Hi there, 

thank you for your feedback.

I forwarded it internally and will let you know when there are news.

Please share all your thoughts about our FX and especially the Echo FX.