Echo out drums (or instrumentals) as Instant FX instead of Manual FX

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Is it possible to set an Echo out (on 1 beat) for only drums or instrumentals in the Instant FX section? So far I only got it on the Manual FX section on 1 beat. On the Instant FX section I can only find Echo out for drums with 3/4 and 1/4 beat, not on 1 beat.

The underlying reason is that I would love to be able to use that drums echo out 1 on my pads on the Beatpad 2, instead of some midi mappings that I’m using now.

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This isn’t currently possible with the Instant FX in Djay because they can’t be adjusted. The only way to achieve the 1 beat Drum Echo Out is with the Manual FX.

You could, however, custom MIDI map one of your pads on the Beatpad 2 to FX 1 Enable. Then in the Djay UI you would need to manually select the Drums Echo Out FX, adjust the level to 1 Beat and set the W/D to 100%. Then with the pad you would be able to turn the FX On/Off as needed from the Beatpad 2. The downside is that you need to manually set the level to 1 Beat every time you launch Djay. The FX selection and W/D should, however, stay the same when loading Djay.

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Hi @Len91,

As @Slak_Jaw stated, it is not currently possible to map those settings as desired.

However, this is a growing request and I will be sure to pass this on to our development team for future consideration!

Thank you for your suggestions, and for being members of our community!

Thank you both for these answers! :+1:

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