Edit iTunes Playlists (add songs...)

would be great if I could add songs to an itunes-playlist right in Djay.

Actually I have to remember the songname, switch over to iTunes, search the song, add it to the playlist (and finally refresh the library in Djay).

Drag n drop would be very useful. If this feature is not allowed by Apple it already could help to point to the song in iTunes

Thanks to you, I didn’t you there was a way to refresh Djay’s library.

If I may say, it would be great if we could also edit id3 tags directly in Djays.


This has been suggested for 3 years. By saying you have processed this request internally means nothing to us anymore. There is no trust.

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Has anyone ever tried to use the SMART playlist on iTunes?
I use this method and it is genius.
i.e. 125 bpms. any song that has 125 entered in will automatically be entered into this playlist. You can get very specific with your playlists.

Even creating a playlist with specific Genres is very helpful.

ok, you’re right… playlist edit doesn’t seem to work.
but id3-tag-edit would be great also.

then you could do a workaround - for example insert a certain code into an unused field and create an intelligent playlist in itunes which contains those songs…
after a restart of itunes it should have the songs in the new list which you can mark or move in one go.

so please… tag-edit (for all possible fields)!
this should be possible - other dj-apps have this

It’s an iTunes thing. It doesn’t seem that Apple will allow entry through Djay.

Id like to add a rating (*****) while listening to new song, or a song i have not rated, while playing Djay… but it won’t allow me. I have to go back to iTunes, find it, rate it, then come back to Djay and refresh library. Seems dumb!

YEs, I must agree. What a pain in the ass to have to constantly go back and forth…

I can tell you that wondershare Tunesgo is a third party app that has the ability to update playlist. It appears the APIs exist. So it would seem to reason that DJay should be able to do the same. If this was something they wanted.

Hi guys,

thank you all for your ideas and feedback about creating playlists in djay.
I processed this thread internally and it would be great if you would continue post about your wishes and needs regarding this.
Thank you and

Lukas E.

This is big deal for me to. Creating Folders and playlist in the programme should have been a no brainer. And it’s taking me hours to what I need to do because I have to do it in iTunes.

Please guys fix this. Rekordbox has the best way to manage files. Just copy them.

I’d like to add my +1 to this as well. One of the biggest annoyances I have with djay Pro is that I have to keep Spotify and iTunes loaded in the background respectively in order to modify my set playlists. The queue function is nice but still a very clunky workaround.

I mean this with respect because overall I experience the aesthetic of djay Pro to be incredibly elegant and user friendly. While I’m sure there are good technical reasons why this has taken so long (and I do appreciate that at least in spotify I have the option to ‘add song to playlist’), this kind of functionality would really help my workflow.