Edit key and genre (iOS)

If you really want to be a pro, you have to make sure your keys and genres are correct, so you can easily find your tracks while DJ-ing, or even beforehand.

But the keys are sometimes incorrect and the genres, don’t even get me started on that (all my songs that I bought from iTunes Store are “Dance”).

Djay needs to do a better job at organizing the music and that means letting the user overwrite the key in case it’s wrong, and the genres would be nice to edit too.

Also, there should be a way to mark the tracks as ‘verified’ or something, so a user that goes through them to manually check the keys, would know which have been checked and edited and which haven’t (it’s a long and tedious process so nobody would do it in one go).

iTunes in iOS? There is no such thing on iOS.

Well, I bought an iPad so I don’t have to use my Mac to DJ. If I have to use my Mac to organize my music, I don’t need my iPad anymore, the Mac can do both. I’ll just use my Mac to DJ. So the whole point of djay for iPad/iPhone is zero, as far as I’m concerned.

PS: I did mention iOS, it’s in the title.

I’ve been using iTunes for years.
You can rename the genres.
Djay will reflect your changes

Hey teomor,
You didn’t mention iOS, so I thought you meant iTunes via Mac or Pc.
I sync my iOS devices through iTunes Mac.
This allows me to change info on all my songs

Just trying to help…stay pissed offf

We’ve just started adding playlist editing to the newest djay on iOS, i.e. you can create and edit playlists now from within djay. Right now you can’t manually tag songs or change meta data. We are aware of the request and I’ve pass this on to the team. For now LaidbackFred’s suggestion is the best workaround, i.e. changing the tags via iTunes on your computer.