Edit tracks metadata

Hi there, i just got an ipad to dj with a more portable setting, i chose djay pro because we can have smart playlists and paid for the year. Now, i have uploaded my tracks via local files as i download my music and some metadata weren’t assigned properly. As a results not all tracks appear in my smart playlists. I wanted to edit the metadata to fix the issue manually and realise that you can’t. While you can make smart playlist by genre you can’t edit the genre on the ipad. Then i was hoping to fix it on my laptop and sync but you can’t sync playlist and smart playlists either so i am basically stuck.

Please add an info functionality so we can see and edit all metadatas of tracks on the ipad, otherwise there’s no point trying to switch to ipad and i will go back to Rekordbox on my laptop after having lost $50 on your annual subscription.

Kindly, Celine

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Thanks for the suggestion! I have forwarded this to the dev team.

I agree that being able to adjust metadata would be helpful. Thanks! I too also had trouble getting album art to show for example across platforms. It usually shows up on djay (though not always) but less so on other software for whatever reason

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