Effect on individual stems (example: fading out vocals with echo out)

Hey there, first of all I want to wish everyone a great and healthy new year with lots of good music :slight_smile:
Is it possible to assign an effect to a single stem? For example: I would like to fade out vocals with an echo out and leave the other stems unchanged.
Is that possible?

Yes it’s possible. With Mixon 8 I have ai drum effects and vocal effects for stems.

Need to edit your instant fx accordingly and also create stem page on controller. I have bottom pads for stem effects like in serato.


Dysfunk beat me to it. There are stem effects under your instant effects, incluinge vocal echo out.

Can this also works with an external mixer with pads

Thank you for your help. Erverything works perfect🙏

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Fantastic. Really cool isn’t it? It does mean though we lose bottom row of instant effects. Would be great if Algoriddim can allow stem effects separate to instant effects.

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They can be midi mapped.

You can…

  • go to the manual effects section in the software on Mac or iOS.

  • pick the effect you want in slot 1, for example in my pic, echo.

  • You can then on the bottom hit where it says deck (on iOS) or Assignment on Mac, and

  • select the Drum, Melody, or VoMic for Vocal.

Once you have your Nueral Mix effect setup the way you want, the effects selection on your controller should trigger it.

Thanks Steve. That’s not what I meant. I mean when you set instant effects for stems you have to use instant effect page which means you do lose a row of instant effects for general use.

Unfortunately the echo out on vocal isn’t post fader,
Hopefully this will be implemented with future updates

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