Effects section improvements

Instead of making multiple posts I included a couple suggestions in one. Let me know if I should split it up. I’m making these with my Pioneer S5 in mind, but I feel like they apply to most hardware.

  1. Show the selected effect when using hardware. Unless you have the effects screen pulled up, the default across the bottom is the first effect. Even if you select effect 2 on your mixer it still only shows effect 1. It would be nice to see the last selected effect show up when it is selected.

  2. Single effect mode option. Instead of have three effects per side that can be stacked, it would be nice to have the option to switch it where you have 6 to choose from across both decks, but can only select on that is applied to both decks. Similar to how the hardware effects work on the Pioneer S7/11 as well as the software effects on the numark scratch/platinum fx. Maybe making each manual effect (echo, flanger etc) midi assignable would be an easier implementation of this?