eFx remote trigger app for iPad running Djay Pro Mac

Hello, finally successfully setup djay pro (MAC) with DDJ-T1 Pioneer … also install the ipad version … and here is where my question? … Have thought any option that transforms the pro version djay ( iPAD) on a remote application for the mac app?, some special to handle the sound effects (XY), video and visual transitions, samples and more from the ipad, via (wifi, adhoc or usb), something like the VDJ8 remote or Serato app … … with the difference that djay has better, plenty and excellent sound effects, thanks!

hope like the idea… here’s a quick pic

thanks brothers :slight_smile: really really appreciated

hey brother. i could noto reach to file for link has expired. is it possible you to send to my email adress? if yes please kindly type artizkeci@outlook.com

have nice life… thanks

Hi… this is the mapper I use, (Mac)

Hi Jesus,

would you be kind enough to send me your config file for DDJ-T1 please…??