Eject track djay pro for ipad

Just downloaded the djay pro app on my Ipad
How do you eject a track ?

I have used djay 2 which I love to use, however playing 4 tracks makes great mixing
On djay 2 if hold down the music symbol a menu appears that can eject the track
Can anyone help by commenting if djay pro has the same function and how it’s done

Thank for your help

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Hi there,

I merged these two topics because they are referring to the same implementation.
We are working on the “Eject - Load Next - Double - Scratch Tools” pop up window which you from djay 2 and it will be implemented as fast as possible.

Thank you guys for the input, we really appreciate it!

Best regards,

Thank you. You saved me loads of frustration looking for something that doesn’t exist at the moment. I love the app so far. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.