elapsed time AND remaining time

Even though it’s easy to switch it would be great if it was possible to show both elapsed time and remaining time simultaneously!

Another minor yet annoying thing is that if you refresh the library, instead of remaining in the current playlist (as it used to be in the old djay for mac), the whole tree of folders/playlists collapses so you have to click click click back to where you were each time, please change it back to how it was.

(And a bug while I’m at it: the ‘zoom waveform’ in the menu is not working nor is the shortcut, only working if you click the waveform icon next to the waveform.)

Plus one. I agree with everything above (not holding my breath though.)

easy to switch? either I’m completely stupid, but I’m searching the internet on how to do that since half an hour now! Somebody please tell me! I can’t find the option in the shortcuts list nor online. I’m desperate

Nevermind…nevermind… I found it. Just klick on it.