Empty Deck - Flashing blue!

Hi! Am trialling the iOS app on iPad. In both the classic and two deck views, I notice that the empty deck ‘music notes’ flash blue until a track is loaded into the deck.

Apologies if I have missed it in the manual, but is there any way of setting this to disable the flashing blue? I know the deck is empty, I don’t need the flashing to remind me. It is quite distracting.

Sorry I am sounding critical on my first post - the software is pretty incredible for what it can do on mobile devices! Thanks so much. Just that little detail is irksome! :laughing:

Hi @groovekitchen,

Thank you for getting in touch and trying out djay Pro AI.

We value your feedback and added it to our issue tracking system. I also moved your topic to suggestions so that other users can upvote the topic.

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Thanks Lukas_E!, much appreciated :pray:

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