End point / cue out doesn't activate cross fade accurately in djay Pro for Mac

Let me describe a typical scenario where this is a problem…

You have a song loaded in deck 1 at 100bpm and you want to mix into a song loaded in deck 2 also at 100bpm. You place an end point at the downbeat following the final chorus in song 1 and your start point for song two is the downbeat for the first verse… you make sure the grid is accurate to the music and in placing the end point at the exact time you want to transition to the next song - problem is the transition is activated some seemingly randomly short time (1-2 secs) after the carefully placed end point. Why is this happening??? Starting cues don’t come in some random time before or after the cue that is placed - what gives?

This translates to the iPad apps as well. I realize that for some reason you continue to neglect adding end point editing to both iPad versions but if you add them on the Mac app they’ll “work” (inaccurately as described above) on both iPad apps - though you will not be able to further edit them (move/remove) on either iPad app.

Perhaps you can inform me of what I may be doing wrong or if this is indeed a problem you plan on fixing. Thanks you for an otherwise excellent app!

I have the same issue here and would really like to see a reaction (ideally a fix, of course) from Algoriddim.