Enhanced integration with Serato Crates

Request to enhance the Serato integration read crates and smart crates from an external device (MacOS) + implement similar serato integration (Windows)


  • Helps serato users moving to DJAY pro, without recreating the music library
  • Possible to use Serato as a single library integrating to other audio tools like DJ:studio, etc.)
  • Serato integration across macOS and Windows will simplify the workflows syncronising music between mobile and stationary equipment and ability to switch platform.

Many other DJ tools has such an integration and the Serato database is quite open to read why such an enhancement should be a small effort to implement, however with a great value to the end-users.

Please Vote!

Thanks for the suggestion! Good idea. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

Not really applicable
Request is to make the current serato integration works with music downloaded to an external drive.