Enhancement for Djay2 App for android

following possible enhancement of Djay2 for Android:

  1. Search songs by folder
  2. Automatic BPM calculation for tracks in folders
  3. Sort tracks according to BPM, Artist, Title
  4. Enable key lock functionality as the version for ipad
  5. Integration with the DJ2GO Numark Controller

Who agree with me?

Is there anyone to agree with me on these enhancement for Djay2 App for android? So we can ask to include them.

I agree with you.


  1. Make playlists on the go
  2. Save the session history (at least as a text)

Fully agree !!
And your requests are in the exactly right order too.
Can’t believe I cannot simply select a folder with music to play (I guess the iOS origins are showing there).
Pretty useless otherwise, since I (like many) use another music player than Music.

I agree. Even sorting (bpm, key, etc.) would be nice, since this has been available on the iOS version for a while now.