Enhancement: Live Hot Cue Syncing on Same Track Loaded on Different Decks

User setup profile: Mac OS, DJay Pro 2, DDJ-SB3

(Note: SB3 controller not mapped yet, but we were promised next release - so for this work flow I can only do it using the app and laptop mouse/keyboard)

User workflow:

  1. load a track in deck A
  2. load the same track in deck B
  3. press play on deck A
  4. as track on deck A plays, set Hot Cues on deck A
  5. anytime a Hot Cue is set on deck A, it will instantly appear on the same track loaded in deck B (without delay/latency)

This allows for improvised playing of the track over itself on-the-fly, say, while in a loop or a break. Happy to explain more if needed.

This currently happens fluidly and works without hiccups in Serato. I didn’t see any work around to this in DJay Pro 2 except quickly reloading the track onto deck B - which is extremely limiting.

Many thanks in advance for considering and up-voting.

  • yourprivateradio

Hi there,

thank you for your idea.

I added your mail to our user request list and want to thank you for pointing this out.

We will push the topic internally and will let you know when there are news regarding this.

Lukas E.

Lukas E. and Algoriddim Dev Team - Thank you so much for considering my idea for your development releases! I know this will be greatly appreciated by the user community. Keep up the good work! All the best, Derek