Enhancements For Vjay

Hi I’m EMDJ, I have many years as a DJ and video editor, producing a unique product in the best Gyms in Puerto Rico, Night Clubs, Party Bus, Restaurants etc… The product has to do with music videos edited and mixed DJ-style in HD, then compressed with a unique and exclusive formula created by EMDJ, and which does not lose video quality definition and audio quality, then program within iTunes platform and transferred to any ios device for so they can transmit audiovisual content in HD, for that reason my colleagues call me Virtual DJ because I am everywhere at once and I have listed as the DJ of videos (VJ) further recognized that exists in Puerto Rico, because my video mixes have had widespread acceptance in the public, and therefore I have a representative and Manager in Miami, we are currently talking with the production of the best Club in Miami (LIV) and soon we will be sending proposals for major events such as participation (Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival etc.) I’m using both Apps, Vjay, Djay and the new Djay 2 but Vjay need all the features and upgrades that have both Djays Apps thus able to perform a unique presentation at a big event, where I become the only and first VJ to create a real show playing only with the iPad without the iDj-Pro., But to make this happen is need all Djays Apps functions as, in and Out Loop, Bounce Loop, Auto Loop, and more like Echo FX etc. their products are really useful for me as a professional Dj and Vj both Apps i realy loved, rarely use the mac book pro to play now only use my iPad with iDj-Pro and I have faith that soon you add these functions Thank you.

here an example of what I can do live with Vjay Apps


Live the experience to feel and see the beats of the rhythm with EMDJ

Your going to bring an iPad… to LIV… to do videos… with the VJAY app…
Thats hilarious bro.
I’ll tell Luis.
Good luck with that.

Thank You Mark.