Enjoy my Akai AMX full Mapping for Djay Pro !


I created my own mapping of the AKAI AMX for Djay Pro and posted it on DJTT’s repository :


In addition to a first layer which is as close as possible to the behavior on Serato, this mapping also includes SHIFT, TOUCH layers as well as LED feedback.

Features that aren’t supported by Djay have been mapped with other useful ones (see the description).

I hope you will enjoy this mapping. Don’t hesitate to give feedback or report issues.

Now I expect Algoriddim to use this for official support of the AMX on Djay Pro and hopefully on Djay for iOS !


Jay Neural (follow on twitter @JayNeural)

I also gave a try to map the AKAI AFX, but this is another story, since it will require several modifier buttons and DJay Pro currently supports only one controller’s SHIFT modifier…

I’m glad you enjoy my mapping. Don’t hesitate if you see bugs or improvements while keeping in mind the idea is to make it behave as close possible to the Serato behavior.

As for the AFX, I’m planning to make one, though I already realized that it’s going to be quite hard to make it behave exactly like on Serato as I’m unable to have as many modifier layers as needed on Djay Pro.

Maybe I’m missing something but so far I could not create more than one modifier on Djay Pro while a fully functional (and actually useful) AFX mapping would need at least four additional modifiers in addition to SHIFT and TOUCH buttons.

The four buttons on the top of the pads which are supposed to switch between modes aren’t firmware coded modifiers like the TOUCH button for example. So software modifiers are required.

Maybe someone from Algoriddim could help me on this.

But before that, I’m still waiting an answer on if Algoriddim is still interested in adding official support for AMX/AFX, especially in the iOS version !


I love this map – it’s helping me try and decide which software I ultimately want to use, between Traktor, Djay and Serato. I just can’t make up my mind!

Question: Do you have to use the built-in sound card for monitoring? I can’t seem to get the headphone out on the AMX to work in Djay. Is that a limitation to the hardware routing outside of Serato?

Everything else seems to work really well.

Also - kind of an aside - why did you decide to use Djay instead of Serato?


If you copy the midi mapping from your mac to djay on your iPad using iTunes file sharing, then open djay on your iPad and connect the AMX using the apple camera connection kit and a USB powered hub, it will work! AMX VU meters won’t work, however they do work with another iOS DJ app, so I’m sure there is a way to do it, if you can access the xml code in the other mapping. Cheers!

Solved (mostly) - edited map on djtechtools!

Hi there, yes it does, but you will need the apple camera connection kit plus a USB powered hub. You won’t be able to charge the ipad at the same time unless you purchase the latest lightning camera adapter from Apple. That new adapter may also power the AMX, but I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet to test. The Mixtour comes with its own power supply, so that’s more convenient, but it doesn’t work with Serato as well, so you’ll lose that option if you choose the Mixtour over the AMX. But if you don’t or won’t ever use Serato then hey…

More good reasons for Djay over Serato, works with IPad and also simpler beat grid editor.

Here’s a map with VU meters added, enjoy!



Does this work for djay pro on ipad? don’t know whether to go for an amx of a reloop mixtour.

Thanks guys think the mixtour is the way to go, has an official mapping for traktor aswell, so will do nicely with the laptop!

Jay, We are rally looking for AFX midi mapping and can’t find it anywhere for DJ pro for Akai AFX. If you make any headway would appreciate it. If i find anything I will also send it.

Need to have native support for AKAI AMX & AFX. Killer system for ultra portable pro systems. Big selling point for DJ PRO if you can do everything the big boys can do with 1/10 the footprint.

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I use AMX and AFX with DJay pro on Mac and iPad. Latest usb 3.0 adapter does the job well and powers iPad while DJing. Unfortunately it can’t power AMX. You will still need powered hub.


No, you don’t need separate sound card for monitoring. All works fine if you set it up in preferences of DJay Pro.

Also if you know XML you can make AMX levels display work as well.

The main reason I started using DJay Pro is that I can reconfigure AMX and AFX anyway I want. It’s very restrictive in Serato. Also I like the 4 deck view in DJay Pro. Serato is not exactly as I would imagine 4 deck view should be. Also 4 deck view in Serato is so pixelated and at the same time very clean and transparent in hires in DJay Pro. And there are small things in DJ Pro like song preview outside decks that I like that are missing in Serato. Also latest version is as stable as Serato.

  1. Is this mapping follow Djay2 on iPad or iPhone?
  2. Is this mapping follow AFX?
  3. How different is a this mapping+AMX from a Reloop MixTour?