Enlarge Album Art and Add Scrolling Titles on MacOS

it would be great to be able to click on a track that’s playing and see the album art much larger than a small box it is currently presented in. It would also be nice to see some of the same information we can see in Tidal such as credits.


I will add to that with scrolling titles as well…


Hey @stacktrace and @maurizio_T ,

Thanks for posting this feedback here in the Community.

Just tidying things up around here so I moved your post to the Suggestions category, as it is more of a feature request than a post focused on specific hardware.

This way if anyone has some feedback for you or would like to support your suggestions, they’ll be able to post it here or add their +VOTE.

As for your feature requests, I have taken note and will be passing the related information on to our Dev Team, so they can look into this further. I will keep you posted with any related updates.


@maurizio_T I agree, or at least have the ability (in some way) to see the entire title. For example, sometimes I’m looking for a remix, but I can’t see “remix” at the end of the title.

Thanks @Cam_A could you please post the link here?