Ensure updated tags from Music app are displayed in My Collection

When preparing my DJ music I add info to the Grouping tag and the Comments field. Then I sync with my iPad. Even though these aren’t visible on the iPad app I can still create filters in My Collection on these two fields. I use this extensively. The toggle-able filters are awesome.

However, I have a problem with tags being updated in My Collection when I update tags on my laptop and re-sync. The tags in My Collection don’t seem to be updated.

How can I get DJAY to re-load the tags to get the latest synced data for songs that are already in My Collection?


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This happens to me too.
I have to delete the song out of my collection, then drag the updated file back into my collection.
I have never lost any set cue points or loops. Try testing on 1 song first.

Yeah thats what I have been doing as well. However, what happens if that song is in lots of playlists in My Collection. When you remove it, is it lost from all playlists?

Hi @rishi,

It’s great to see you on the Community again. Thanks for reaching out about this - I’ll be happy to share a little more about how My Collection works on djay Pro AI for iOS.

With My Collection, you can reimport an item and it will update the metadata for the item in My Collection. There should be no need to delete and re-add in order to update.There is currently no automatic update available in djay, but since you mentioned you are using iTunes/Music to sync tracks, a possible streamlined workflow could be the following:

  1. In iTunes/Music add a smart playlist that contains recently modified items.
  2. Sync tracks/playlists to iOS device.
  3. In djay, go to the My Collection → Music playlist.
  4. From the drop-down menu at the top (next to the number of songs), select “Add from Library…“.
  5. Browse to the iTunes/Music smart playlist and then tap “Select All” and “Done”.

After following these steps, all of the updated tracks will then be reimported into My Collection, including any comments and grouping metadata fields you’ve updated.

Please give that a try and let me know if you run into any problems or if you have any additional feedback. :notes:


@Emily Hey, thanks for the response. This is the type of client service response that makes you want to use a product - specific, clear and useful :grinning:.

Good to know it works without having to remove from collection and the recently added smart playlist is something I will use for sure.

As feedback for the app (not the client service), I’d say this is still a counter-intuitive way to work.

  • It’s not easy to discover

  • Re-importing songs makes me think things like cue-points could be lost

My natural inclination was to look for an option in the Actions menu, where I can multi-select items and the same place I add or analyse songs. Perhaps adding an option to Refresh meta-data would be good there, even if it did the same thing as re-import in the background.

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Thank you for the feedback. I am still learning how to use djay pro and this will be helpful to me as well.

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Thanks for your positive feedback, as well as sharing your additional insights, @rishi! I’ve passed this along to our Dev Team to keep in mind for future developments, and we really appreciate your suggestions. :raised_hands:

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