EQ and Neural Mix in Apple Music

I fully understand the reasons why streaming services won’t allow us to use Neural Mix so this isn’t another complaint about that … BUT …. What would be awesome is when I adjust the EQ knobs on my controller whilst a streamed track is playing that it doesn’t throw a warning but automatically defaults to the EQ.

We lived for years with just EQ and we will survive many more with the just EQ in the future but having to clear warning and change the function of my EQ buttons on the rare occasion I have to use streamed music sends me slowly crazy :blush:

Thank you.



Thanks for sharing this feature suggestion!

I can see how this would be beneficial in your workflow.

We’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team as a feature request. I’ll update this thread as new info comes in.


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The funny thing is that you can sort of trick Apple Music to use stems, It doesn’t really work in a way that is useful but it does work.
On Deck one have a track from your local files loaded but not playing.
With the Neural Eq, remove one or more stems on that non playing track.
With the other deck playing (Either local music or Apple Music) load a track on the non playing deck from Apple Music and when you play it, the Stems will be removed…
As soon as you touch the eq stems, the track will go back to normal and give you the notification that Stems can’t be used…
This also works with Tidal

Which leaves me to believe that someone with some better computer skills could possibly right a code to make it work permanently :wink:


Further conversation with our teams have prompted us to ask you whether or not you’ve selected EQ mode instead of NM mode in djay. Please see my screenshot for further reference.

This should alleviate your pop-up issue.


Hey. Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, i am aware i can switch it but my request is to avoid that step. I mean, if Neural Mix is not an option for streamed music why would I need to deselect it in the menu? Wouldn’t it be possible the software reverts back to EQ automatically when i load a streamed track rather than sending me a warning when i try to use it? Am i making sense?

The OP question is very relevant, when playing both music from local lib and Apple Music.
You don’t want to change the EQ mode for each song selected.
When Neural Mix is selected, use it whenever you can, and if an Apple Music song is loaded, default back to EQ without the warning.
Makes perfect sense.