Eq app on outputs of djay, control it with iPhone ?

Hi all. I’m loving the amount of help on this forum. I’ve read some posts on this forum about adding EQ to the outputs of the app. I’m wondering if anybody knows of a solution where I can stand out front with my iPhone and change the EQ outputs on my iOS iPad like that makes sense. It would be really cool to be able to do that.

I’m wondering just how bad your PA system is, that you need additional EQ to what’s already available on DJay’s mixer? :smiley:

Thanks for your input.

this is not for use with my PA, but actually no reason why not. I was djing today and the venue only had 1 speaker and the sound was a little harsh and I thought "it would be great to go out front with my iPhone and be able to wirelessly eq the sound from the app a bit. So I thought I would ask the lovely people on this forum.

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Well you can EQ the sound - a bit. I’ve played in similar venues and did what I could with the EQ on my mixer. EQ can only do so much though, If the sound is really bad.

You know there are lots of preset EQs to choose from in the iOS settings?

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