EQ keyboard shortcuts not working

Does anyone else have an issue whereby a keyboard shortcut that should be achieved by holding Ctrl does nothing? Specifically killing EQs in this instance. I cannot find anything online for this particular issue I am experiencing.

Hi Mickey,

thank you for your post.

So you are able to kill EQs with ctrl + x for example?
Can you check if you might disabled the keyboard shortcuts, you can find them via Preferences > General. 

Lukas E.

Hi Mike,

can you still please check in the settings, there are some mandatory shortcuts which are working even though the disabled setting is active.

Hi Lukas,

No - I cannot kill EQs with Ctrl + X. Nor can I change the EQ up/down with the respective keys. In the case of holding Ctrl + X, it will just play the sample 1 button, almost as if the Ctrl key is not working however I know it is not a problem with the keyboard as it works fine as a function outside of DJay Pro.
Other functions that require holding down a key (such as pitch bend) work without issue so I know I have not disabled shortcuts.