EQ Reset should be turned off by default

EQ Reset (in Settings) should be turned off by default - it is very strange and annoying situation: your knobs on dj controller are turned to certain position, but in reality they are reset to default.

They fetch up. I have to turn Gain or EQ knob on Beatpad 2 until they “catch” digital position (or was it default position? I don’t remember now, will check it again and let you know), and after that turning knob will have effect on sound.

Hi Lukas,

This could be very useful for Mac users, but I use djay on iPhone. Can I do MIDI mapping mode on iPhone?

Hi Juri,

This is a known bug, but you can fix it with this little workaround:

open djay

connect your controller to your mac

open MIDI mapping mode (press “cmd” + “Y”)

move one of the EQ knobs

select “Show advanced Control Options”

disable “Pickup Mode”

continue like this for all EQ knobs

I hope I was able to help you!

HI Juri,

thank you for that, one question, are the knobs “jumping” to the location they were set manually via the controller, or do the manual knobs fetch up with the digital knobs by moving them to the digital location.

Than you and keep it up,
Lukas E.