Erasing from Djay 2

Greetings ,

I have Djay 2 for Ipad and I wish to erase all the songs from the library.

I erased by using Itunes but the songs are still (greyed out) in the Djay 2 library.

Maybe it is a stupid question and I am sorry for that but, can I make the songs names disappear.

The songs are no more on the iPad and when I click on them it says :

“Track not available … because it is not downloaded from iCloud !?. Please download the track in the “Music”? app by tapping the iCloud icon next to the track”

I want none of this I just want all of them to disappear.

What is this “Music” app that is mentioned?

thank you so much for your help and have a nice day


Try to Delete the app and reinstall

Thank you, Craig,

I finally figured it out :slight_smile: Did try to erase and install but I could still see the songs I head in the “Cloud”.

In the Settings, there is an option “Hide Songs In The Cloud”. When this is on I am finally free of my songs from the cloud (and the U2 Album I actually never listened to).

Thank you very much and have a nice day