Error 500 and 502 when trying to use my spotify account

When trying to either look at my entire list of saved Spotify songs or search for a song on spotify, an error message pops up and I am unable to do so. Very frustrating, just bought the app fro my macbook pro today.

I’m having the same problem but it just started. My playlists have an average of 100 songs in them and that worked fine for the last 13 months but this past weekend has been extremely sketchy. Once I got my stuff to work after countless refreshings with the 500 errors, it only stayed connected for 2 hours before I was unable to load songs again. As a side note, all of them have been previously loaded so they’re in que.

Hi Jason Floyd,

is it possible that you are working with a lot of big playlists? Could you tell us how much songs you saved to your Spotify account?

Lukas E.

Hi Tucker,

did the Error occur because you had a lot of tunes in the Queue which you set in a previous session?
Thank you for your feedback.

Lukas E.

It says I have a bad gateway when trying to view my songs saved on Spotify.

I have a around 80 lists in Spotify, I logged in through Facebook and is impossible to play any song, in lists or even in search box.

Same here. 502 Error using Spotify. Logged in with Facebook on Windows 10.