error -54

an error -54 comes out can’t play my music why

Happens in iTunes for me, I thought it was a problem with iTunes but is happening more and more now.

We could really use an answer to this please.

Yes, they play fine in iTunes.

Will have to search for one again. Only happened at my events and I don’t write down the track name.

What does error 54 mean?

Does this happen to songs played from iTunes or Spotify?

Just to make sure: These tracks can be played via iTunes, can’t they?
If so: Would it be possible to sent at least one of the concerned tracks to “”? We’ll immediately have a look into that.

I have just bought DJay Pro and the same thing is happening to me.
I can’t load songs at all from I tunes and the message error 54 comes up.
Spotify syncs up no problem.

Please help