Error code 42 on some songs after moving music library to new Mac


I have moved my music library database to a new Mac, however I’m getting error code 42 when playling songs from created playlists.

As I have tons of playlists created within the “My Library” section of DJay Pro 2 and there is currently no way to automatically sync these across devices I manually copied the music library database file across to the new installation.

I’ll explain in more detail…

My music collection is mp3s stored locally on my original Mac.
I added these folders to DJay using the “My Files” section, then created playlists in “My Library” using these files.

I copied the mp3 files across to the new Mac, using the same folder structure.
Then copied the music library database file across, again in the same location as before.

All files on the new Mac play without errors from within the “My Files” section.
The errors occur when playing the same files from within playlists created in the “My Library” section.

Note, it’s not all songs from within these playlists that won’t play, only a few.
There seems to be no pattern to which songs play and those that don’t.

So for instance, I could find a track called “songtitle” in “My Files~” and it plays fine.
But find the same track called “songtitle” in a playlist called “playlist1” in “My Library” and it won’t load.
Other songs in the same playlist do however load and play, so again, no obvious pattern.

What is error code 42 and is there any way of figuring out why some tracks play and others don’t?
I really don’t want to have to create all my playlists again on the new Mac as it’ll take days!

This is another good reason to have the ability to sync automatically playlist data across via the cloud in future releases.


 Hey Retina,
Did you try to play that song from the song list instead of the playlist?
Try to Drag your playlist into your device via iTunes. In some cases when moving files around I’ve experienced that iTunes itself doesn’t recognize those songs, and will ask me to search for these missing songs. Once iTunes sees the song, I reboot djay and the song will play…
 Example, if I were to rename the song with in iTunes I would have to immediately play it for iTunes to recognize the new name. Then DJay is still looking for the original song, so by playing it with in iTunes DJay will do the same.

Thanks, but as specified in the original post the songs play fine from the “My files” section in DJay, it’s just something to do with playlist data I reckon. Really don’t want to go back to using the Music and TV apps within Catalina to organise my files, hence why doing it via the file/folder structure within DJay.

Hi Dj Retina,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are sorry to hear about the error you are experiencing.

Could you please send us an exemplary screenshot of the error?

Could you also please send us a track that is working fine and a track that is causing the error via mail:

Thank you in advance that would help us a lot.


Lukas E.

Hi Louis,

Thank you for sharing this. We had a hard time reproducing, could please send us the exact file of the video and also your iTunes Media Library file via

Please also attach a link to this thread in the mail, that would be great.

That would help us a lot.


Lukas E.

This error has been around forever.
One of the main reasons why I cannot rely on using the MY LIBRARY for song organization.

and that happens even WITHOUT moving computers/libraries.

 I am attaching a video clip