Error Code: 504 - Request failed: gateway timed out (Apple Music Integration)

I am getting this error code in both the Windows and iPad versions with the Apple Music integration. For instance, if I go to songs, it will start loading the list and gets to a point and the error pops up and says “try again”.

It’s probably just from an influx of new users, all trying out Apple Music in DJay Pro.

Same problem for me…
I have a large media library with thousands of songs.

Same problem, it happens when using the app in either iPhone, iPad or Mac.


Hello everyone. The engineering team is aware of this and is investigating it further. I’ll report back when I know more. Thanks!

Apple M1 Max
Sonoma 14.3

In Apple Music, I can view Playlists (although only 100), Listen Now, and Charts, but not Albums. When I go to the albums, it spins its wheel for a little while and gives me Request failed: Gateway timed out (504)

Same problem. After an afternoon of flawless streaming.

Hello everyone, this should be fixed in the latest version of djay which was just released.

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