Error code again

When downloading from my iTunes library, I received an error code on app was resolve this issue while back

Hello @Cooljackdj ,

Thanks for reporting this here in the Community.

Please make sure you’ve purchased and downloaded music on your Mac computer in order to then be able to use djay’s iTunes integration.

This way, you should easily be able to access your purchased music in djay’s music library.

Hope you will find this information useful. Cheers!

When I check on computer looks music is in my library on iTunes accept give me this error code and I follow Apple create a new login, separate after user

Hey @Cooljackdj ,

Thanks for getting back and sharing your latest on this!

djay supports most songs sold on the iTunes Store (through “iTunes Plus”). However, please note that DRM-protected songs (Digital Rights Management) are not supported.

Hope you will find this information useful. Cheers!

Clarify, all the music bought on iTunes