Error reading djay media library database - Windows 11 - 100% Fresh Install on Fresh laptop...

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  • Device model: Brand New Laptop, 64GB, Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GH
  • Version of operating system: windows 11 home 23H2
  • Version of DJay: Windows version - Impossible to specifically tell because software wont open. Downloaded brand new on 2024/04/08
  • Hardware/controllers used: None ( I haven’t gotten that far yet as I can NOT even install the software )

Summary of the issue:
Cant open DJay Pro on Windows 11: “Error reading DJay media library database”

How to reproduce the issue:
Download and install reproduces the issue. Software wont open and complains “Error reading djay media library database”

Bought a laptop
Wiped it clean
Attempted to install DJayPro for Windows on 2024/4/8 ( not sure of the version but I assumed the latest as it was downloaded from your website on 2024-04-08

And software produces the error “Error reading DJay media library database” - which makes sense as there IS no database. Again, its a fresh install of the software on a fresh laptop. Clicking on “Continue” does NOT solve the issue.

  • eFromDC

Hi @eFromDC,

Here’s our FAQ article for this issue on iOS. We do not have a version for Windows, but I suspect the process will be very similar on Windows. Please read through this and let me know if that solves your issue.

If that FAQ doesn’t help, I suggest that you delete the corrupted djay media libary file from the following path, reboot your laptop and try again.


First, I’d appreciate it if the problem is NOT marked as solved…when I never reported it as "solved.’ : )

Second, I dont think you read the problem description accurately as I reported that the laptop was a 100% fresh install. There is no “corrupted djay media libary file” to be corrupted. Again, clean vanilla out of the box laptop.

Third, I made %HOMEPATH%\Music\djay on my PC ( in my case c:\users\efromdc\music\djay ) and then restarted the install process. It did not work.

Any suggestions?

Oh - Four - For the record, do I have the path right for the database? Currently for my Windows 11 laptop its c:\users\efromdc\music\djay\ ← Can you verify that please?

Hi @eFromDC, please make sure you download the official version of djay from the Microsoft Store:
djay Pro - Official app in the Microsoft Store. I recommend that you uninstall the version that you previously installed first.

Hi @eFromDC, I’m following up on my post from 2 weeks ago. Did that solve your issue?