Error starting audio engine

When selecting the Numark USB Audio as the main output in the audio device settings, corresponding to the sound card Numark DJIO I get the error “Error starting audio engine. The audio engine does not support the specified format (-2004287480)”.
All the other players in my PC can play through that sound card with no issues.
I’m using DJAY Pro Version 1.0.28808.0 for Windows.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @paulorbernardo,

Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered. So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. What OS version is running on your PC? Is your current OS version up to date?
  2. Have you checked the Numark website to ensure that all of your device drivers and firmware updates (if applicable) are up to date?

Thanks in advance for the additional information!